The Republic of Dreams is a digital project and traveling installation dedicated to adapting the literary worlds of Bruno Schulz, through different mediums, all inspired by dreams and dreaming. As a website, The Republic hosts 9 sonic works, in Polish and English, by sound designers Eli Stine and Jackson Bierfeldt, music by Wacław Zimpel, a video by Jakub Krejčí, texts by Mika Johnson, and an illustrated map by Marta Lissowska. As a traveling installation, visitors can experience exclusive sound and video works by the same artists, within settings intended to help people dream.

The Adam Mickiewicz Institut

Release date:
July 2021 – ongoing

The Republic of Dreams

Created in partnership with
The Adam Mickiewicz Institute 
and the Goethe-Institut in Warsaw

Produced by
Daisy with Rider Productions

Concept and direction by
Mika Johnson

Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature, Warsaw

All works by
Bruno Schulz and The Dream Collective

Sound designer
Jackson Bierfeldt

Project director, concept, texts
Mika Johnson

Jakub Krejčí

Web design
David Lipkovič

Artistic director, illustrator
Marta Lissowska

English voice
Julie Josephson

Polish voice
Olga Mikulska 

Sound designer
Eli Stine 

Sofia Tamara-Shmidt (Awali)
Wacław Zimpel

Assistant director
Ján Tompkins

All texts translated by 
Celina Wieniewska

Permission granted by
Bloomsbury Publishing