The Infinite Library

The Infinite Library is a traveling installation that uses VR and other media to reimagine the future of libraries as interactive spaces that engage visitors through multisensory forms of storytelling.

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Goethe-Institut /
Max mueller bhavan New Delhi

Release date:
March 23, 2022

Goethe-Institut /
max mueller bhavan New Delhi

and Daisy with Rider Productions

In collaboration with
High Road Stories

High Road Stories
Harmke Heezen - VR concept and production
Mike Robbins - VR concept and production

Daisy with Rider Productions
Mika Johnson - creative director, VR project concept, texts, library voice
Marta Lissowska - graphics and illustration
Ján Tompkins - assistant director
Jakub Tranta - art direction & design consultant for website and installation
Martin Schumet - director and editor of teaser
Nicole Slusser - social media assistant

Artistic collaborators
Awali - soprano, library voice
Jacob Blumer - application programmer
Aaron Labaree - concepts and cosmic pools texts
Ryan Lester - composer
Dávid Lipkovič - website engineer
Ondřej Slavík - 3D modeler
Eli Stine - sound designer

Goethe-Institut collaborators
Aarushi Khanna - project coordinator, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi.
Thomas Meyer - director information services for Goethe-Institut Central and Eastern Europe region, Prague.
Anja Riedeberger - director information services for Goethe-Institut South Asia region, New Delhi.
Goran Vulinovic - project consultant for virtual reality and film information database for Goethe-Institut headquarters, Munich.

Academic Scholars and Consultants
Jakub Hlaváček - consultant, Library of Elements
Anurupa Roy - consultant, Library of Shadows
Gunduraju - puppet maker, Library of Shadows
Christina Thomas - consultant, Library of Navigation
Kuuleilani Reyes - voice performer and consultant, Library of Navigation