Tell Me About Europe

Tell Me About Europe (Erzähle mit von Europa) is a promotional video produced for an event at the Goethe-Institut Prag celebrating the Goethe-Institut’s project "Tell me about Europe" which was created for the occasion of Germany's EU Council Presidency. The project offered a space to discuss not only the Europe of today but also visions for the future. We are pleased that we were able to present a sound collage by Marc Matter, the NAO robot, and an enlightening conversation with Alena Wagnerová.

Goethe-Institut Prag


Directed by
Mika Johnson

Assistant Directed by
Ján Tompkins

Camera by
Jessica Radlovacki

Sound by
Eshaan Rajadhyaksha

Edited by
Ján Tompkins

Sound Design by
Jackson Bierfieldt

Music: “After Sunrise” by
Adi Goldstein (