"Onleihe – E-Bibliothek" is a clip created to raise awareness for the online library of the Goethe Institute Prague. The goal was to highlight not only the connective aspect of the service, making great literature accessible from everywhere for free, but also the transformative nature of literature itself, with its ability to transport the reader into worlds of their own imagination, to open them up to other perspectives and to foster empathy and understanding through the means of magical realism in the video.

Goethe-Institut Prag

Release date:
December 2019

Onleihe — E-Bibliothek

Františka Brzobohatá
and Anthony Edward Stālkēr

Concept, direction, and edit by
Martin Schumet

Cinematography by
Hannes Johansson

Lighting by
Jessica Radlovacki

Costume and design by
Vojtěch Hanyš

Sound mixing by
Axel Henneberg

Production assistance by
Lenka Egrtová