Kafka Now! is a project devoted to sharing Kafka's lesser-known texts to new audiences. This journey begins, in 2021, by launching a series of short videos that adapt a selection of literary fragments into visual poems, pairing voice performance with archival footage and music, all evoking Kafka's era. These passages show a writer alert to the smallest details in the world around him and his connections with the people in it.

The Franz Kafka Society
Prague, Czech Republic

Release date:
March 2021

Kafka Now!

Co-produced by
Daisy with Rider Productions
and Franz Kafka Society

In partnership with the
Goethe-Institut Prague

Thanks to the support of the
Prague City Hall

Directed by
Martin Schumet 

Music composed by

Sound mixed by
Jackson Bierfeldt

Graphic design by
Jakub Tranta

Voice performances by
Veronika Lazorčáková,
Eveyln Caroline Preis,
and Mika Johnson