Reacting to the COVID-19 shutdown, ILIOS is a meditation on the state of flux we are all living in today: a state where patterns emerge only to undergo change in such sudden succession that reality and normality can only be assumed in short bursts.

Release date:


Directed by
Marcel Karnapke
and Mika Johnson

Concept and VR development: 
Marcel Karnapke

Mika Johnson

Jackson Bierfeldt

Mika Johnson
and Jackson Bierfeldt

Post-production assistant:
Ján Tompkins

Poster design:
Jakub Tranta

Festivals and Awards:

October 2020
BFI London Film Festival 

October 2020
DOK Neuland at DOK Leipzig

November 2020
Real World XR Awards
Finalist for XR Social & Environmental Impact Award

May 2021
One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

June 2021

February 2021
Tagore International Film Festival
Outstanding Achievement in VR/AR/360 Award and nominated for Sun of the East Award

September 2021
Open City Doc Film Festival

October 2021
Chelsea Film Festival