Sonic Feather is an artistic feature for a mobile application for Dawn Chorus: a citizens’ science project which invites people from around the world to record and share their local morning bird songs and make an important contribution to biodiversity research. Co-developed by Mika Johnson and Marcel Karnapke, Sonic Feather not only transforms the sounds of nature into visual art, but it also allows you to create your own illustrations of the bird song you record, drawing with “acoustic ink” and thus making your own exclusive and original work of art. By sharing experiences of nature in both acoustic and visual form via the app on a global sound map, the Dawn Chorus project combines science, art, and social participation. The aim is to raise awareness of the biodiversity of our immediate ecosystems and to hone our sensitivity toward the endangered richness of the natural world as a source of artistic inspiration.

Naturkundemuseum Bayern

and Stiftung Kunst und Natur

Release date:
May 2021

Dawn Chorus

Marcel Karnapke
and Mika Johnson